About us

Hello and welcome! 

We are Sigita and Julia, the two active girls behind this hiking blog for women. 

We are two friends who were until a certain virus ravaged the world, colleagues working together in a travel company organizing various tours and events for clients all over Europe. 

Out of work, we starting spending more time in the outdoors, hiking, camping, and exploring the safer way to travel in a world that is/was closed down. 

We have always spent lots of our leisure time outside with friends and family. Hiking to us combines two of the things we love the most, an active lifestyle and (travel) experiences. 

The thing is, you really do not need to travel far to have amazing experiences. Now more than ever this holds true.  

As travel professionals, we have been blessed with a lot of travel experiences in our life. This includes hiking trips to many amazing places and countries, from Norway in the North, to Georgia (the country) further south, and Indonesia in the East. 

HikingQueen came about as an idea a year ago when we realized that 1) we had much time on our hands, and 2) there are not enough websites dedicated to women and hiking. 

Our needs are at times very different from the guys, so we decided to stop talking, and start doing! 

After months of planning and figuring out all the technology side of things, writing content, taking pictures, trying out products, etc, HikingQueen.com finally launched on 1st October 2021. 

HikingQueen.com is still in its infancy, but we hope to build our site up to become the ultimate resource on hiking for women. Our ambition is to create a space and community where we can chat, share experiences, and even find new friends to go hiking with. 

I hope you join us in this journey and that you find the site both useful and inspiring. 

Soon we will launch our own Facebook group where we can all interact and talk about all things outdoors!  

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions (gonehiking@hikingqueen.com). 

Sigita & Julia